Inwood Coffeehouse

Second Friday Of The Month • Doors Open 7:30 PM

Scenes from Season 17 (October 2017 - June 2018)

row1: Michael, Roberto Tyson, Ron Goad, Shirleta Settles Paul Oorts
row2: Wardell Howell, Seth Kibel and Jesse Palidofsky, Emory Diggs, Tony Harrod
row3: Phyllis, dancers (Francis, Allison, Marc), Profusion
row4: Kris Funn and Akua Allrich, ilyAIMY (Kristen Jones, Rob Hinkel and Heather Lloyd), Profusion
row5: Leonard, Denise, Karen Ashbrook

Inwood COffeehouse Season 17

Season 17 guests included Jesse Palildofsky, Arch Thompson Group, ANGAJB
Kris Funn and Akua Allrich, Shirleta Settles, KAPO, ilyAIMY, Lovejoy Group

Season 18 begins Friday, October 12, 2017 featuring Ruthie and the Wranglers

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