Inwood Coffeehouse

Friday December 8, 2017• Doors Open 7:30 PM

Inwood Coffeehouse All New Genetically Altered Jug Band

Richard “Bags” Howard on harmony gargling, trumpet, vocals
“Special Ed” Light on kazoo, banjo, guitar, vocals, English siren whistle
Jim “Gutbucketeer” Bunch on jug, washtub bass, sound effects
Ron “Scratchy” Goad on washboard, drums, zydeco necktie

The All New Genetically Altered Jug Band (ANGAJB) is a zany quartet in a traditional jazz style (cornet, tenor banjo, percussion and bass) with the addition of homemade instruments and sound effects, a la Spike Jones. ANGAJB specializes in genetically-altering the lyrics and arrangements of songs from the early 20th century and performing them in a unique (some say “weird”) manner. Hailing from the DC area, ANGAJB has been recognized nationally for their performance on the first broadcast of a divorce party (Good Morning America), winner of the Cicada Song contest (National Public Radio), and broadcast of their original song, “Ben Laddin’s Jazz Funeral” on the Doctor Demento Show. The boys also gained international notoriety when they were banned from the Chinese Internet. They can be heard locally playing at festivals, weddings, funerals and houses of ill repute.

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