Inwood Coffeehouse

Second Friday Of The Month • Doors Open 7:30 PM

Scenes from Season 15 (October 2015 - June 2016)

Inwood COffeehouse Season 14

row1: Bob Shann, Karen Lovejoy, Tom and Macena
row2: Denise, Zomnie Dancers, Michael
row3: Derek Brock, Scott Giambusso, Bill Baker, Paul Oortz and
at the foosball Table - Tom Holtz, Simone Baron, Seth Kibel, Tim Jarvis
row4: John Relph, Scott Morgan, Terry Wittenberg, Tom Holtz
row5: Josue(Sax), Fred Wilchek, Josh Bayer, Phyllis
row6: Ruthie Logsdon, Greg Hardin, Fred Talcott, Lesley Choy

Season 15 guests included: Ruthie and the Wranglers, Side Effect
Bill Baker Band, Lovejoy Group, Gumbo Ya Ya!
Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts, Seth Kibel Group, Wilchek & Friends

Season 16 begins Friday, October 14, 2016 featuring Abigail Palmer and Eric Selby

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