Inwood Coffeehouse

Friday March 10, 2017• Doors Open 7:30 PM

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Silver Strings

Silver Strings Inwood Coffeehouse

Paul Loether ~ guitar and bass
Pepper Watkins ~ guitar and bass
Richard Weil ~ guitar and percussion
Blount Stewart ~ harmonica
Tom Carroll ~ guitar

Silver Strings is born of the song-writing and vocal talents of Pepper Watkins, Blount Stewart, Richard Weil, Paul Loether, and Tom Carroll. The gentlemen met when a mutual friend invited them to play at his house one Friday night.

The guys discovered, early on, that all five could sing well together and incorporate each other’s individual styles into their music. With Tom hailing from New Jersey, Pepper from Berryville, Virginia, Blount from North Carolina, Paul from Connecticut, and Richard from right here in Takoma Park, each brings a bit of home to the blend. The band's name reflects both their origin in a Silver Spring basement and the main component of their sound, which is guitar-based. Their original song, “Silver Strings on My Guitar,” reveals much about who they are.

“We all come from different geographic and musical places,” says Tom. “The best part is that we are good listeners.”

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