Inwood Coffeehouse

Friday, March 11, 2005. Doors open 7:30 P.M.

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Presenting an evening of music from the
Celtic, French and Flemish traditions featuring

Karen Ashbrook and Paul Oorts

Karen Ashbrook and Paul Oorts, Inwood Coffeehouse

With her delicate touch, trademark shimmering lilt and ear for authentic ornamentation, Karen Ashbrook is considered one of the finest Irish hammered dulcimer players anywhere. Add her wooden flute and pennywhistle playing, and you have the consummate Irish musician. Irish reviewer John O'Regan calls her recordings "Celtic music for the mind and body."

Paul Oorts is an exceptionally versatile musician and scholar, well versed in Flemish, Walloon, French and Celtic traditions. His playing and accompaniment draws from world music rhythms - driving, exotic and syncopated. A native of Halle (Zoersel) in Belgium, Oorts' musical education took place in the pubs, cafes and coffee houses of Belgium. He is an accomplished string player who excels on mandolin, cittern, classical and steel string guitars, and musette accordion.

Karen and Paul play an exciting blend of instruments coupled with a repertoire based in Irish music and also drawn from Oorts' native Flemish and French music, contradance and classical repertoire.

Karen appears on over a dozen recordings including the highly aclaimed recording Celtic Cafe with Paul Ooots.
click here to listen to excerpts from Celtic Cafe

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