Inwood Coffeehouse

Friday March 9, 2007• Doors Open 7:30 PM

Lisa Moscatiello

Inwood Coffeehouse chases away Ol' Man Winter and welcomes Spring with the music of

Lisa Moscatiello


Fred Lieder

Lisa will warm the cockles of your heart with everything from traditional Irish music to torch folk!

Lisa Moscatiello is a powerful, versatile vocalist. Known as much for her soaring range as her instincts for choosing incredible songs, her music is free from commercialization, making it difficult to pigeonhole her into a specific genre. From her solid roots in traditional and modern Irish music with Ceoltoiri, The New St. George and Whirligig, to her Techno vocals with Arthur Loves Plastic, Lisa gracefully intertwines Appalachian, rock, Celtic, blues, and jazz into a style she likes to call torch folk.

She has won more than twenty Wammies (Washington Area Music Awards) over the years and performed at major festivals across the nation including the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Old Songs Festival in New York, and the Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto.

"Lisa Moscatiello is twice blessed. Not only does she have one of the most gorgeous vocal instruments in all of folk-tinged pop, but she also possesses the magic to invest the songs she sings with an almost knee-buckling poignancy and believability." -- Billboard Magazine

"Lisa Moscatiello has one of those voices that jumps out of the speakers and grabs you from across the room." -- Dirty Linen Magazine

"Lisa Moscatiello will inevitably remind some listeners of another Washington, DC-area singer, the late Eva Cassidy. Like Cassidy, she has a throaty voice that is both pure and sultry. She's equally comfortable with bluesy belters or aching torch songs, and she has an alluring ability to insinuate deep emotions without ever seeming to be showing off her vocal chops. But an even more important comparison is that, just like Cassidy, Moscatiello makes us believe every word she sings." -- The Boston Globe

Fred Lieder, an ideal compliment for Lisa's music, combines classical, jazz, rock, blues, and celtic influences on his cello. He has performed in such diverse venues as The Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap, Birchmere, Blues Alley, Iota, Black Cat, and Rams Head. A much sought after studio musician, Fred has appeared on over 40 CD's as a guest artist.

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