Inwood Coffeehouse

Fri, Dec 9, 2005. Doors open 7:30 PM

The Vulgar Bulgars

The Vulgar Bulgars

Ben Grondahl ~ clarinet
Kassia Arabi ~ violin

Ezra Freeman ~ bass
Madog Frick ~ drums

The Vulgar Bulgars, a high energy group of Virginia Klezmers, play a blend of time-honored klezmer classics and modern klezmer-inspired tunes, giving each song a special "Vulgar Bulgar" twist! Their arrangements range from "make the grandparents happy" traditional to "smokey nightclub" funky, and their audiences always have a blast!

The Vulgar Bulgars"This is a group that could go far. Their most affecting qualities are their humility, enthusiasm and quirky sense of fun.... The Vulgar Bulgars are excited to be soaking up the literature and forms of Klezmer, even as they gleefully warp it into new and strange shapes. It takes a certain irreverent, maniacal sense of fun to transform a tune appropriate to "Fiddler on the Roof" into something that might be more at home on Tom Waits’ "Raindog" album. But—trust me—it works." Jeff Hoodock, Music Reviewer for Harrisonburg Daily News-Register


In the second half of the evening, we introduce special Profusion guest artist Galeet Weistreich along with some special Inwood Coffeehouse surprises.

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