Inwood Coffeehouse

Friday April 13, 2007• Doors Open 7:30 PM

Inwood Coffeehouse presents

Blue Moon Cowgirls

The Blue Moon Cowgirls

Karen Collins

Ira Gitlin

Ann Porcella

Lynn Healy

"A little bit invitin', a little bit excitin', a little bit ignitin' . . .that's my trademark," proclaims an old song. And that's the Blue Moon Cowgirls, four Washington-area musicians with their own refreshing approach to country music. A shimmering trio of female voices backed by flexible acoustic instrumentation, the Blue Moon Cowgirls blend front-porch directness with neon-lit sophistication as they sing about home and highways, heaven and honkytonks, heartbreak and hope. Their repertoire stretches from the 1920s Appalachia to the 1990s California, with stops along the way at several decades' worth of prairie roadhouses and bayou dance halls. The sound of country music has always been on the move, but its heart has remained in the same place, and the Blue Moon Cowgirls can take you there.

Check out the Blue Moon Cowgirls web site at

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